10 Exquisite Bathroom Curtains Ideas To Bring Privacy And Style

Bathroom Curtains Ideas

Completing the overall looks of your bathroom can be done in numerous ways, including using curtains. There are almost endless bathroom curtains ideas you can found out there. The main reason was due to the variant of materials, style, pattern, design, and use. Here, choosing the appropriate one can be a very hard feat.

But why you have to add it? While it comes with certain design and visual value, you will also get privacy from it. The blinds or curtains can cover the window or your shower. Intrigued? Here are some curtain ideas to make you feel inspired.

[01/10] Macramé Shower Curtains

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Macramé Shower Curtains 1a

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Macramé Shower Curtains 1b

This beautiful curtain will not cover the windows, but it will cover your shower. The bathroom curtains ideas work the same as it gives privacy, but it also adds some visual interest.

The white woven fabric looks exquisite with the beautiful macramé lace. It will be the best addition to a white bathroom.

[02/10] Anthropologie Tassel Curtains Knock Off

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Anthropologie Tassel Curtains Knock Off 2a

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Anthropologie Tassel Curtains Knock Off 2b

This adorable simple curtain will be perfect to bring color and a piece of decoration to your bathroom.

The tall curtain is meant to be used as a shower cover and partition. It works as it should be and match with the bathroom that incorporates the earth-tone color scheme in it.

[03/10] No-Sew Café Curtains From Cushion Cover

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No-Sew Café Curtains From Cushion Cover 3a

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No-Sew Café Curtains From Cushion Cover 3b

Upcycling the unused fabric is a good decision to make bathroom curtains ideas. Here, the checkered fabric was taken from the cushion cover.

The design fits perfectly with the wooden shelving which later creating a country-style vibe. The curtain is in half size to avoid blocking the natural light.

[04/10] Shabby Chic Shower Curtains

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Shabby Chic Shower Curtains 4a

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Shabby Chic Shower Curtains 4b

Bringing a shabby chic design though the shower curtain will be perfect for woman bathrooms. The soft tone, laces, and embroidery are the key elements.

Here, you got to see three curtains that have their charm. All was due to the material, the color combination, and the lace.

[05/10] Curtain With A Wooden Cornice

(1)  source: decorationideas.net

Curtain With A Wooden Cornice 5a

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Curtain With A Wooden Cornice 5B

At some point, the curtain railing is not that good looking. If you think so, using a wooden plank to make a cornice will be a perfect solution.

Just like in this picture where the sheer white shower curtain match with the bathroom. The wooden cornice adds color and visual attention.

[06/10] Quilted Patchwork Shower Curtains

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Quilted Patchwork Shower Curtains 6a

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Quilted Patchwork Shower Curtains 6b

This idea is the best in making your room look more cheerful. Depend on the design and pattern of the patchwork, the curtain will set the room mood.

Look at the quilt with a colorful picture in it. The hanged quilt adds uniqueness, visual point, and eye candy in the boring white bathroom.

[07/10] Ribbon Embellished Curtains

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Ribbon Embellished Curtains 7a

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Ribbon Embellished Curtains 7b

Bathroom curtains ideas can look amazing even with a simple design. You can add some colorful ribbon at the bottom to bring color and accent on it.

Just like this picture that incorporate two colored ribbons in different sizes, pattern, and thickness. You can match the color with the bathroom.

[08/10] Easy No-Sew Bathroom Curtains

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Easy No-Sew Bathroom Curtains 8a

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Easy No-Sew Bathroom Curtains 8b

Try this DIY idea if you want to save some money without sacrificing the visual looks. Here, the simple white plain fabric turns into a mesmerizing blind.

The color pick is perfect when combined with the white-colored bathroom. However, you can always use bold colors to bring life to the room.

[09/10] Bathtub Curtains With A Valance

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Bathtub Curtains With A Valance 9a

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Bathtub Curtains With A Valance 9b

Who though that valance curtain only good for luxury rooms? The bathroom curtains ideas with valance can be a great addition to your boring private.

Look at this curtain and its valance that come in white. The simple color neutralizes and balances the sophisticating patterned wall. Providing eye relief in the room.

[10/10] White Ruffled Curtains Around A Bathtub

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White Ruffled Curtains Around A Bathtub 10a

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White Ruffled Curtains Around A Bathtub 10b

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White Ruffled Curtains Around A Bathtub 10c

This charming curtain design is great for those who have a freestanding bathtub and a spacious bathroom. The curtain railing will be built around the bathtub to add privacy.

Here, using a white curtain is enough since it matches the overall color scheme. But adding ruffles will make a captivating appearance.

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